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Reproduction & Art Prints

The Picture Archive contains around 30,000 pictorial items on the Belvedere and its art collection, and on Austrian art. The main areas are the complete inventory of art works in the Belvedere from the Middle Ages to the present, Belvedere Palace and photographs of the museum, exhibitions, and historical personages.
The archive consists of digital picture files, Ektachrome pictures, b/w negatives, and b/w glass plates.

Art Prints

The Belvedere has the reproduction rights for the art works owned by it. The copyrights held by lenders, artists, or their descendants are unaffected by this. An application has to be submitted before a reproduction can be made. The fee depends on the purpose, number of copies, format, language, and distribution area.

Please apply to or

Photo and film permits

Taking photographs and filming in the exhibition rooms of the Belvedere is generally not permitted. In order to get permission, please fill out, sign and send us the following form at least three days before the desired shooting date.

For photo and film permits regarding the outdoor facilities and gardens of the Belvedere, please contact the Bundesgärten and the Austrian Burghauptmannschaft.

Bundesgärten: Günther Wimmer
Burghauptmannschaft: Edith Steinwurm


Research Center
Reproductions / Print on Demand
Phone +43 1 795 57-230

Photo- and Film Permits
Phone +43 1 795 57-331