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The Lower Belvedere
The Lower Belvedere housed - besides living rooms for Prince Eugen - art, antiques and a library.
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The Lower Belvedere houses exhibitions that present austrian Art within an international context.
Exhibitions at the Lower Belvedere
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The Congress of Vienna 1814/15 - from Feb 20, 2015 until Jun 21, 2015
Johann Nepomuk Höchle, Redoute paré during the Congress of Vienna, around 1815
© Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna
Francois Pascal Simon Gerard, Moritz Christian Count of Fries with his wife Maria Theresia Josepha, b. Princess Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst, and their son Moritz, around 1805
© Belvedere, Vienna
Johann Peter Krafft, The Triumphal Entry of Emperor Francis I, before 1828
The Triumphal Entry of Emperor Francis I after the Peace of Paris on June 16th 1814
© Belvedere, Vienna
Jacques Louis David, Napoleon at the Great St. Bernhard, 1801
© Belvedere, Vienna
Johann Nepomuk Schaller, Bust of Empress Maria Ludovica Beatrix, 3rd wife of Emperor Franz I. of Austria, 1814
© Belvedere, Vienna

Location: Lower Belvedere and Orangery

Two hundred years ago Vienna became, for a period of several months, the political, cultural, and social hub of Europe. At the so-called Congress of Vienna, the most prominent sovereigns and their delegates devised the reorganization of the European continent, which had lost its political stability during the Napoleonic Wars. Diplomatic negotiations were accompanied by social events and entertainments of all sorts, the splendour of which was captured in numerous written and visual documents. Vienna was flourishing as a centre of cultural life, with artists from around the globe coming to the imperial city and providing inspiration for all genres of domestic art production. From February 2015 on, the Belvedere will devote a comprehensive exhibition to the Congress of Vienna, thereby elucidating both the political and social aspects of this extraordinary event, which kept all of Europe in suspense. 

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