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The Lower Belvedere
The Lower Belvedere housed - besides living rooms for Prince Eugen - art, antiques and a library.
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The Lower Belvedere houses exhibitions that present austrian Art within an international context.
Exhibitions at the Lower Belvedere
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Klimt and the Ringstrasse

From Jul 3, 2015 until Oct 11, 2015
Gustav Klimt, Medicine (Detail: Hygieia), 1900/07
© Belvedere, Vienna
Gustav Klimt, Portrait of a Woman, around 1894
On permanent loan from private lender, © Belvedere, Vienna
Hans Makart, Decorative Flower Bouquet, 1884
© Belvedere, Vienna

Location: Lower Belvedere

During the boom years in the second half of the nineteenth century, a multitude of mansions and splendid public buildings sprang up around Vienna’s magnificent boulevard, the Ringstrasse. In summer 2015, the Belvedere will be dedicating the exhibition Klimt and the Ringstrasse to those charismatic painters who adorned the Ring’s buildings and shaped the style of their era. Starting with the oeuvre of “painter prince” Hans Makart, it traces developments up to the triumph of the young Gustav Klimt and his painters’ collective, the Künstler-Compagnie. Reconstructions of entire decorative ensembles will present the dazzling lifestyle during the Ringstrasse era to visitors. The exhibition will not only feature sensuous, narrative artworks, but also examples of the young Klimt’s art, which have never been shown to the public before.

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