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Viennese Model Rooms

Gilbert Bretterbauer | Peter Kogler | Florian Pumhösl | Gerwald Rockenschaub | Lisa Ruyter | Esther Stocker - from Sep 23, 2009 until Jan 24, 2010


Viennese Model Rooms is an exhibition project at the crossroads of art and design that starts out from the idea of an ideal room in which all the constituent elements, such as materials, textures, structures, and colours, have been brought into harmony. The artists selected for this exhibition are free to interpret the subject at their own discretion - either in a formalistic and abstract fashion or from the illustrative perspective of interior decoration. A common framework for the “model rooms” is provided in the form of six identical box-shaped elements measuring 384 by 384 by 271.5 centimetres each that can be variably arranged within the room.

Gilbert Bretterbauer, Peter Kogler, Florian Pumhösl, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Lisa Ruyter, and Esther Stocker - either born or living in Austria - number among the most prominent artists of their generation and have been selected for this project on account of specific aspects addressed in their works, be it a systematic investigation of patterns and ornament, a preoccupation with signs and symbols and their mutation or serial application, an interdisciplinary approach, or an interest in such related fields as design, fashion, and architecture. Making use of a highly original, specialized, and fresh vocabulary of form developed in the course of their artistic production, these artists make a valuable contribution to the design process. Their interest in the project lies in a review of the autonomous strength of their formal vocabulary in contexts of everyday culture.

Curator: Edelbert Köb
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