To the heirs of Martha Liebermann:

  • Leibl, Wilhelm: Bauernküche /Kücheninterieur , Inv.-Nr. 3388



To the heirs of Rudolf Bittmann:

  • Daffinger, Moritz: Bildnis der Gattin Marie Daffinger, Inv.-Nr. 4254

To the heirs of Josef Blauhorn:

  • Kupelwieser, Leopold: Die Heiligen drei Könige, Inv.-Nr. 3768
  • Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Ludwig Ferdinand: Chamonix mit dem Montblanc, Inv.-Nr. 3769

To the heirs of Valerie Karplus:

  • Makart, Hans: Entry of Charles V. in Antwerp, Inv.-Nr. 4453

The painting was re-acquired by the Austrian Gallery Belvedere and re-catalogued.

To the heirs of Alice und Hans Rubinstein:

  • Romako, Anton: Porträt Berthold Winder, Inv.-Nr. 3802

To the heirs of Friedrich Spiegler:

  • Master of The Veit Legend: Winged altarpiece, Inv. No. 4851

The panel painting was re-acquired by the Austrian Gallery Belvedere and re-catalogued.



To the heirs of August Blumberg:

  • Zanusi, Jakob: Apotheosis of Holy Kajetan, Inv. No. 3902

To the heirs of Dr. Hermann Eissler:

  • Waldmüller, Ferdinand Georg: 4 Signboards for an apothecary: Hygieia, Hippokrates, Galen, Flora, Inv. No. 5621-5624



To the heirs of Dr. Ludwig Neurath:

  • Alt, Jakob: Die Cholerakapelle bei Baden, Inv. No. 3662

To the heirs of Max Mandl-Maldenau:

  • Krafft, Johann Peter: Portrait of a Man, Inv. No. 3400

To the heirs of Josefine Winter:

  • Hellmer, Edmund: Beethoven-Büste, Inv. No. 5956



To the heirs of Mary Wooster:

  • Raffalt, Johann Gualbert: Hungarian Herdsboy, Inv. No. 4342

To the heirs of Alice Kolb:

  • Danhauser, Josef: Ladislaus Pyrker, Inv. No. 4030

To the heirs of Marianne Nechansky

  • Hans Gasser: Der Maler Carl Rahl, Inv. No. 5958



To the heirs of Alice and Carl Bach:

  • Trübner, Wilhelm: Still Life with Roses, Inv. No. 3666

To the heirs of  Wilhelm Freund:

  • Feuerbach, Anselm: Medea on the Urn, Inv. No. 3704
  • Romako, Anton: Hungarian Barnyard, Inv. No. 3683

To the heirs of Max Roden (Rosenzweig):

  • Franz Wiegele, Frauenbildnis (Portrait Frau Z.), Inv. No. 3401



To the heirs of Franz und Helen Erlach:

  • Master of Großlobming: Pfennigberger Schmerzensmann, Inv. No. 6153

To the heirs of Otto Klein:

  • Daffinger, Moritz Michael: The Actor Josef Koberwein as Duke Alfons in Goethe's Tasso, Inv. No. 4319

To the heirs of Ernst Gotthilf-Miskolzy:

  • Friedrich Amerling: Mädchen mit Strohhut, Inv. No. 3657



To the heirs of Mahler-Werfel:

  • Munch, Edvard: Sommernacht am Strand, Inv. No. 3772 

To the heirs of Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer:

  • Georges Minne: Kniende Knaben, Inv. No. 3869, 3870



To the heirs of Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer

  • Gustav Klimt, Beech Forest / Birch Forest, 1903, Inv. No. 4283
  • Gustav Klimt, Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907, Inv. No. 3830
  • Gustav Klimt, Apple Tree I, 1911/12, Inv. No. 3342
  • Gustav Klimt, Adele Bloch-Bauer II, 1912, Inv. No. 4210
  • Gustav Klimt, Houses in Unterach am Lake Attersee, around 1916, Inv. No. 4209

To the heirs of Dr. Heinrich Rieger:

  • Egon Schiele, Meadows with Houses, Inv. No. 4326



To the heirs of Bernhard Altmann:

  • Klimt, Gustav: Portrait of a Lady, Inv. No. 5449

To the heirs of Gottlieb Kraus:

  • Markó, Carl:  Sea piece with Ino and Melicerte, Inv. No. 5606
  • Pettenkofen, August von: Gypsy Wagon at a Ford, Inv. No. 3886

To the heirs of Leo und Elise Smoschewer:

  • Slevogt, Max: Conrad Ansorge at the Piano, Inv. No. 3794


To the heirs of Moriz und Otto Eisler:

  • Romako, Anton: Portrait of Countess Maria Magda Kuefstein, Inv. No. 3803



To the heirs of Hermine Lasus:

  • Klimt, Gustav: Farmhouse with Birch Trees, Inv. No. 5448
  • Klimt, Gustav: Lady with Feather Boa, Inv. No. 4415

To the heirs of Jenny Steiner:

  • Klimt, Gustav: Country House on Lake Attersee, Inv. No. 8983

To the heirs of Nora Stiasny:

  • Klimt, Gustav: The Apple Tree II, Inv. No. 5447



To the heirs of Clarice (Alphonse) Rothschild:

  • Auerbach, Johann Gottfried: Portrait of Empress Maria Theresa, Inv. No. 4259
  • Auerbach, Johann Gottfried: Portrait of Emperor Franz I Stephan von Lothringen, Inv. No. 4314
  • Donner, Matthäus: Venus and Adonis, Inv. No. 4261
  • Austrian painter circa 1770/80: Portrait of Emperor Joseph II, Inv. No. 4258
  • Pettenkofen, August von: Straw-loaded Wagon with Three Horses, Inv. No. 4553
  • Mollinarolo, Jakob Gabriel: Venus and the Dead Adonis, Inv. No. 5856
  • Mollinarolo, Jakob Gabriel: Venus and Adonis, Inv. No. 5857

The last two listed Baroque lead reliefs by Mollinarolo were re-acquired by the Austrian Gallery Belvedere and re-catalogued.


To the heirs of Louis N. Rothschild:

  • Amerling, Friedrich von: The Engraver Franz Xaver Stöber, Inv. No. 4262
  • Amerling, Friedrich von: Study of a Woman's Head, Inv. No. 4263
  • Schindler, Emil Jakob: Landscape with Water, Inv. No. 4267
  • Unterberger, Michelangelo (signed 1947 Troger): The Baptism of Christ, Inv. No. 4260


Restitutions recommended by the Advisory Council


  • Publications of the library to the heirs of Dr. Max Berger, Dr. Erich Arthur Bien und Dr. Eugen Herz.

To the heirs of Vally Honig-Roeren:

  • Waldmüller, Portrait of a Gentleman Dressed in Black, Inv. No. 3899

To the heirs of Wally Kulka:

  • Raffalt, Johann Gualbert: Two Hungarians with Two Horses in Puszta, Inv. No. 5596

To the heirs of Serena Lederer/Elisabeth Bachofen-Echt:

  • Grützner, Eduard: In der Klosterbibliothek, Inv.-Nr. 7983

To the heirs of Ella Lewenz:

  • Leistikow, Walter: Danish Parkland with Mansion, Inv.-Nr. 3971

To the heirs of Ludwig Mayer:

  • Grützner, Eduard: Allegory of Arts (4 parts of a ceiling painting), Inv. No. 7986-7989

To the heirs of Salomon Meisels:

  • Ruben, Christoph Christian: Blick in die Ferne, Inv. No. 4654

To the heirs of E. and A. Silbermann:

  • Maulbertsch, Franz Anton: Allegory On Galicia And Lodomeria, Inv. No. 3402



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