Contemporary Art


The collection has been structured into sections based on chronological criteria. The collection of contemporary art ranges from the 1960s to the present and includes works of Austrian informal art, Viennese action painting and key examples of media art from the seventies. The younger generation of Austrian artists is represented in the collection through works by Heimo Zobernig, Gelatin (gelitin), Markus Schinwald, and more.

Contemporary Art


By the mid-1960s, a process of differentiation within art production and its traditional genres was underway. Roland Goeschl and Bruno Gironcoli no longer resorted to bronze and stone as material, but to plastic, and to the designation "object" rather than sculpture.

The picture cast off the frame. Artists like Hans Staudacher took a spontaneous and random approach within the art informel painting movement.

In action painting, the body itself became the vehicle and Günter Brus and Rudolf Schwarzkogler projected the wounds of the canvas onto themselves. Their actions were conceived for the instant and archived in documentary media. By addressing their own bodies as projection planes, VALIE EXPORT and Mari Lassnig put a social-critical focus on systems manipulated by patriarchal viewpoints and judgements.

While Austrian art in the seventies produced major achievements in media art, the subsequent decade saw a revival of the panel picture. Alois Mosbacher and Hubert Schmalix created rapidly washed, expressive motifs.

The early nineties saw more precise issues being addressed, the discourse revolved in part around institutional prerequisites. For Heimo Zobernig and Marcus Geiger, the framework of the presentation, exhibition properties and inventory, partitions, etc., became the starting point of their artistic explorations. However, Franz West, though similar in the way he handles the material, is more influenced by the non-aesthetics of action painting.

The latest generation is especially well represented in the collection, collecting activities were intensified in the mid-nineties and afterwards, to name just a few, Hans Schabus, Gelatin (gelitin) and Markus Schinwald.


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