21er Haus

© Belvedere, Vienna
© Belvedere, Vienna
© Belvedere, Vienna
© Belvedere,Vienna

Austria’s Pavilion for the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels was designed by Karl Schwanzer and then converted into a Museum of Twentieth Century Art, opening in Vienna in 1962. 2011 this redeveloped architectural gem was given a new profile by the Belvedere.

As a structure the building meets all the interdisciplinary requirements of the contemporary museum with light, clearly organized exhibition and event spaces and a cinema. The 21er Haus has been adapted and extended by Adolf Krischanitz, a student of Karl Schwanzer, to ensure that all the facilities of a modern museum are provided.

Since November 2011 the building is serving as a platform for Austrian art in an international context from 1945 to today. The new museum is also housing the Wotruba Foundation’s permanent collection and the government’s Artothek (contemporary art collection).

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