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An Installation by KRÜGER&PARDELLER

HOMO FABER - from Nov 20, 2014 until Apr 26, 2015
Krüger&Pardeller, Staging Production, 2014
© Doris Krüger & Walter Pardeller

Location: Wotruba at 21er Haus

A space-consuming installation by Doris Krüger and Walter Pardeller at the 21er Haus examines what sculpture means today and how, as viewers and as an institution, we deal with it. The production of sculpture poses questions about the autonomy and significance of form as well as the productive environment at the moment of its exhibition. In this particular case, the bringing together of form, context, and spatial experience occurs against the backdrop of Fritz Wotruba’s work. Working with historical photographs and recordings about Fritz Wotruba’s art, Krüger&Pardeller created an installation, including audio elements, through which the visitor can wander.

The language of the time, the art of others, the studio wall: Krüger&Pardeller highlight the hidden, the mundane, the coincidental. The material used to weave the historical narrative about Wotruba also reveals the immaterial substrate of their own production.

Doris Krüger (b. Vienna) and Walter Pardeller (b. Bolzano) both live and work in Vienna; they have been working together since 2004.


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