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CARROUSEL – projection space in motion

20 June 2016 to 26 June 2016
Lower BelvedereBelvedere

The two main protagonists of a scene in Gerda Leopold’s film are wearing the camera-helmet in turn. The 5 cameras are capturing the front, left, right, up and back of the protagonist’s surroundings. Each scene is filmed twice. First, out of the view of actor A, then out the view of actor B. The final 5 films are edited like any other film and will be projected in sync onto the 4 walls plus ceiling of an especially designed projection space (10m x 10m x 8m). The subjective view enables the audience to experience directly the whole spectrum of human behaviour. They are experiencing the action of the film through the eyes of the protagonists.

Monday, June 20 thru Sunday, June 26.
4 pm English (no subs!) 7 pm German
96 min. | Free entry

“I want to find out which emotions I can trigger which a narration filmed in such a way. Not with an objective and distanced judgement of a story, but with one’s own (and at the same time other- directed) experience and the confrontation with an actual counterpart, which is not aimed at any other protagonist but directly at the viewer…” G.L.

Gerda Leopold’s film embraces central themes like love, responsibility and how close people dare to get to each other. The 10 scenes a framed into another story: Two people arrive in Vienna. The poetess only wants to change buses and get fast to her final destination, the puppeteer has enough of being on tour and wants get home to his girl-friend and their daughter. The puppeteer persuades the poetess to spend a day in town. Both of them wander thru their day, meet old relations, find new ones and 24 hours later everything is different….