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Anton Romako - Admiral Tegetthoff in the Naval Battle of Lissa

Masterpieces in Focus

29 April 2010 to 25 July 2010
Upper BelvedereBelvedere

The Focus exhibition Anton Romako - Tegetthoff in the Naval Battle of Lissa celebrates this history painting’s extraordinary modernity and precise concentration on the decisive moment in the battle, at the same time shedding new light on Anton Romako as an artist: the painter, nowadays primarily known as a portraitist, saw himself as a history painter and strove to be successful in this very genre.
His contemporaries did not appreciate the painting in question: it was only long after Romako’s death that it gradually became famous; today it is part of the canon of European nineteenth-century art history.
The exhibition, which will also present historical maps, photographs, and model ships, addresses such themes as the significance of history painting in the nineteenth century, Romako’s position as a history painter, the history of the painting’s reception, and eventually the painting itself, with its revolutionary approach to the description of a historical event.