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Belvedere Christmas Tree 2014

Verena Dengler

28 November 2014 to 18 January 2015
Upper BelvedereBelvedere
Belvedere Christmas Tree 2014
Merry HanuKwanzMas!
By Verena Dengler

In occasion of the upcoming holidays the Belvedere is presenting „Merry HanuKwanzMas“ by Verena Dengler (b.1981 in Vienna): from 28 November 2014 an opulently decorated blue spruce, whose decoration combines Jewish, Pan-African and Christian symbols, will be dominating the Upper Belvedere’s Sala terrena. Dengler appropriates the connected cultural techniques in order to visualize the construction of traditions as well as the form design of assimilation.
In this context, pop-cultural references and neologisms are playing a central role, as well as the juxtaposition of  mass production and unique works of art.
Verena Dengler’s installation follows the series of Christmas trees designed by artists like Constantin Luser (2013), Eva Grubinger (2012), Fabian Seiz (2011) and gelatin (2010) and is accompanied by a limited Christmas-ball-edition.
The Belvedere Christmas tree
The series Belvedere Christmas tree was launched in 2010 by the artist group Gelatin’s four-meter-high flesh-coloured sculpture Happy Holidays, positioned like a fifth column between the atlantes in the Sala terrena. Fabian Seiz’s inverted Hang in Tree, suspended undecorated from the ceiling and reflected in a base on the floor, played with viewers’ perception and the usual image of a Christmas tree. In contrast to the first two Belvedere Christmas trees, in 2012 Eva Grubinger’s work burst the dimensions. It comprised an oversized black Christmas bauble with a shiny surface that not only reflected the Baroque Sala terrena but also the museum visitors. An installation in the form of a playable sound object was created by Constantin Luser in 2013. In 2014 the Belvedere is now presenting an installation by Verena Dengler.
This year’s Christmas tree has been realized with the generous support of Österreichische Bundesforste.