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Curt Stenvert - NEODADAPOP

05 October 2011 to 15 January 2012

The Austrian avant-gardist Curt Stenvert (1920-1992) made his first appearance as a painter before he gained international renown through his experimental, didactic, and feature films and, from 1962 on, his object art. His poetic sculptures address the biological, psychological, sociological, and philosophical conditions of human existence. On the pulse of the times, Stenvert interpreted art as a social medium, and his works gave a peculiar voice to the student unrests and civilian protests.
The successful presentation of his “Object Panopticon” at the Venice Biennial in 1966 and in Paris in 1967 resulted in individual exhibitions in major museums in Italy, Sweden, and Germany. The Belvedere is now presenting a comprehensive retrospective of Stenvert’s work that particularly focuses on his artistic references to Neo-Surrealism, Neo-Dada, Fluxus, and Nouveau Réalisme. Apart from D. Spoerri, W. Vostell, Arman and R. Lindner also works of M. Duchamp and J. Heartfield will be shown.