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Form and Matter

Monika Baer, Thomas Eggerer, Amelie von Wulffen

18 April 2008 to 31 August 2008
Augarten Contemporary

When it comes to the creation of a picture, the three artists Monika Baer, Thomas Eggerer, and Amelie von Wulffen are interested in the relationship between body and space.

The making of a painted picture relies on a number of decisions. The complex relationship that unfolds between idea, painterly gesture, and the picture’s interpretation contains the potential for several spatial entities that may intertwine, overlap, condense, dissolve, or crossfade. The three artists share an interest in remembrance, which does not only encompass the memory of a certain incident, but also the traces of remembrance precipitating throughout the picture’s layers. The painterly means they employ include blurs, ruptures, and tilted edges. Moreover, painting is put to the test as a storage medium. Issues of pictorial conventions are just as significant as the reflection upon the inherent rhetoric.

Monika Baer has taken to roaming endless pictorial worlds, pausing once in a while in order to sharpen her eye. Thomas Eggerer chooses such rituals as bathing - the artist calls them “choreographies” - as the starting point for his collages and paintings. The inviting gesture of keeping track of the groupings and constellations is followed by the frustration of exclusion. In her works, Amelie von Wulffen explores the long-winded connections between objects, architectures, actions, and experiences.