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Franz West

Room in Vienna

13 April 2015 to 31 October 2015

After Rome and London, Franz West’s walk-in sculptural landscape Room in Vienna is now on show at the Upper Belvedere’s south side. The artist who passed away in 2012 combines three different abstract forms made of aluminium – the highest point reaching 5 meters – and invites visitors to occupy his installation by standing, sitting or lying on it. The different reactions of the visitors for Franz West are necessary, integral parts of the installation through which the meaning of the work is constantly changing. Communication and interaction with and through art are the basic topics of his works. By integrating the concepts of alienation and irony, he specifically addresses the question where the line can be drawn between art object and utilitarian object.
With his work, West permanently varies and interprets the idea of environment and in this way explores the changing spatial and contextual functions of sculpture. His universe of associations unites psychoanalytical and philosophical topics with cross-border walks between art and design. Even though West incorporates almost all types of media and artistic genres, the continuous work on sculpture and the manual modelling as well as the focus of relational human measures remain the focal point of his oevre. A crucial aspect of West’s creative process remains the philosophical charging of his work from the outside, as well as the use of everyday fabrics and the expressive use of colour.
Franz West (1947-2012) is known as one of Austria’s most important sculptors and installation artists of the present days. His oeuvre includes sculpture, perfomative objects (e.g. Passstücke), installations, furniture objects, videos, works on paper and poster designs as well as cooperation projects with national and international colleagues.