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Hans Schabus

Vertical Endeavor

01 June 2012 to 09 September 2012
Belvedere 21Belvedere

For the first monographic exhibition in the recently reopened 21er Haus, the Austrian artist Hans Schabus (b. 1970) has conceived a room-spanning installation confronting the architectural order of the Modernist building with the coarseness and unpredictability of the outside world: abstraction encountering realism.

This tensional relationship opens up a wide field of problems and themes for discourse, ranging from the exploration of the subject of space and its accomplishment and the challenges the museum is facing as a concept to its role as an institution of real and intellectual space.

Resembling a threat to the conservatory efforts of a museum, material will virtually be “carted” into the exhibition room. Hans Schabus is interested in the principles of order in architecture and society and seeks to symbolically undermine and persistently question them. In this solo exhibition, his investigations will take on the form of a personal design for a museum.