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Kokoschka in Search of a Frame

01 February 2012 to 26 February 2012
Orangery, Lower BelvedereBelvedere

A Belvedere Design Project Carried out in Cooperation with the Vienna University of Applied Arts.

Students in Paolo Piva’s Industrial Design Class have been dealing with the subject of the frame since 2010, within the framework of a cooperation between the Belvedere and the Vienna University of Applied Arts. The goal is to develop a new “Belvedere frame” for the museum’s collection of twentieth-century art.
The project started out from the painting Dr Bassa’s Magical Form (1951) by Oskar Kokoschka, which requires reframing, as do numerous other works figuring in the collection. The results will be presented for a period of four weeks in a special display at the Orangery, where both the developmental process and the prototypes of the new frames will be shown together with selected twentieth-century works of art.
The winning frame, which is to be chosen by a jury and needs to meet museum standards, will first be used for Kokoschka’s painting. With a selection of significant frames from the museum’s entire collections, the show addresses exemplary approaches to framing and its great variety of possibilities.