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Plamen Dejanoff

Foundation Requirements

26 September 2015 to 26 October 2015
Belvedere 21Belvedere
This exhibition is dedicated to the most recent series of works by Plamen Dejanoff (b. in Sofia in 1970, lives and works in Vienna): Foundation Requirements.
The systematic intertwining of the art, consumer, and everyday worlds as a constant in his work here takes a backseat in favour of cultural historical references: the series and its title are derived from a foundation that was established in 2010 in order to revitalize the culture of Veliko Tarnovo, the capital city of the mediaeval Second Bulgarian Empire and for a long time the political and spiritual center of the country. The objects on display are faithful reconstructions of elements of the demolished library of the city’s patriarch at the time, which emerge simultaneously as architecture, autonomous sculpture, and high-quality 3D advertising for the foundation’s project. The wall and floor sections represent lost architectural assets on the one hand and on the other address central questions intrinsic to art through their unresolved status between ready-made, replica, and re-creation.

Curated by Maximilian Geymüller.

The exhibition Plamen Dejanoff – Foundation Requirements and the exhibition Plamen Dejanoff – plamen. literatur kunst leben are realised in collaboration with the Ursula Blickle Stiftung, Kraichtal, Germany.