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Weltwunder (wonder of the world)

21 June 2013 to 10 November 2013
Belvedere 21Belvedere
On 21 June 2013, the work conceived by the artists Wolfgang Gantner, Ali Janka, Florian Reither, and Tobias Urban had its premiere in the sculpture garden of the 21er Haus. The installation’s title addresses the longings and expectations of the spectators, some of whom take on the roles of active participants. The Weltwunder (wonder of the world) is brought about when you overcome possible fears and dive into a small water basin set into the ground: you can only experience the work when you jump over your own shadow. Yet it also enchants those who eventually shy back from undertaking the dive, for the fascination of the unknown and hidden is nourished by those who have already seen the mysterious Weltwunder (wonder of the world).