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Belvedere Christmas Tree 2016

Christoph Meier and Salvatore Viviano

26 November 2016 to 31 January 2017
Upper BelvedereBelvedere
It is for the seventh time this year that a Christmas tree of a different order is being presented at the Upper Belvedere’s Sala terrena during the holiday season. Every year since 2010 the Belvedere has invited young artists to deal with the theme of Christmas within the framework of a contest. This year, the choice came down to Christoph Meier and Salvatore Viviano, who developed untitled (Marcel)

The bottle rack has taken root in the minds of beholders as both an object of utility and Duchamp’s famous ready-made. With untitled (Marcel), the artists allude to these associations, while they have also added new levels of interpretation through the  monumentalisation of the object, its thematic reference to Christmas, and the site-specific context of the Baroque Sala terrena. The focus is entirely on the connection between everyday object, idea, and work of art.

The installation is meant to complement the four atlantes in the Baroque Sala terrena. In previous years, the Belvedere featured works by gelatin, Fabian Seitz, Eva Grubinger, Constantin Luser, Verena Dengler, and Manfred Erjautz.