Belvedere 300

Celebrate 300 years of Belvedere with us!

The Belvedere has been a central stage for art for three centuries. One of the first public museums in the world and Vienna’s first museum of contemporary art, the baroque palace complex with the unique garden has long been a place that delights visitors with its singular energy.

Vinzenz Fischer, Allegory of the Imperial Gallery's Relocation to the Belvedere
Vinzenz Fischer, Allegory of the Transferral of the Imperial Gallery to the Belvedere, 1781
Photo: Johannes Stoll / Belvedere, Vienna

Join us for a year full of light

The motto “Golden Spring” unites two key motifs in the Belvedere’s history: gold symbolizes our embrace of tradition, while spring stands for fresh beginnings and is a nod to ver sacrum, the sacred spring of the Secession. Keenly aware of the august history that the Belvedere preserves, we develop our vision for its future: learning from art, reconsidering venerable treasures from the perspective of the present, and gauging the new in the here and now with the instruments we have inherited.



From the very beginning, the Belvedere has been a nexus of art. As a power place, it lets visitors connect with memory, reflect on the present, and see the future. On the 300th anniversary of the Belvedere, we celebrate the developments not only of the past but especially of those that lie ahead.”

– General Director Stella Rollig


The exhibition program builds the bridge between tradition and innovation that the motif of the “Golden Spring” encapsulates. Revisiting the idea that guided the founders of the Belvedere as a modern museum, we present works of regional and international art side by side—and in dialogue.