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Artothek des Bundes at the Belvedere 21

The Artothek des Bundes collects, administers and cares for artworks acquired by the Austrian state since 1948 in order to promote art. It thus provides a thorough documentation of modern and contemporary Austrian art. There are currently (as of March 2017) over 37,000 works in the collection, including many early works by now-established artists, as well as very recent positions. The collection is being constantly expanded and updated with artworks acquired by the ministry. Objects of the Artothek are made available for the furnishing of federal offices at home and abroad. Selected works are presented to the public at exhibitions or are on permanent loan to Austrian museums. In 2012, the Artothek des Bundes’ collective holdings were moved to newly constructed storage rooms at the Belvedere 21, and their administration was handed over to the Belvedere.

The integration of the Artothek with the Belvedere 21 helps unlock scientific and organizational synergies and forces access and presentation of the artworks.

Visitation, Collection and Delivery (with Appointment)

Tuesday – Thursday9 am - 4 pm

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