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Belvedere Christmas Tree 2015

Manfred Erjautz

28 November 2015 to 02 February 2016
Upper BelvedereBelvedere

To mark the upcoming holiday season, the Belvedere is presenting Under the Weight of Light by Manfred Erjautz from 28 November 2015 to 2 February 2016.

The installation by the artist, who was born in Graz in 1966, uniquely complements the space in the High Baroque Sala Terrena. At the same time, this translucent work evokes the original intention to use light as a key element in the hall’s spatial design. The sense of soaring upwards, suggested by a Christmas tree’s form, enters into a lively discourse with the real weight of the sculpture composed of moisture-proof battens, fluorescent tubes, electric cables, and ropes. In this conceptual work by Manfred Erjautz, the merging of secular and religious significance that characterizes Christmas plays a central role.
“The presentation of the Belvedere Christmas Tree at the traditional Christmas reception – now in its sixth consecutive year – is a special occasion in the museum’s packed programme of exhibitions. The site-specific works for the magnificent Sala Terrena, which Baroque architect Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt completed for Prince Eugene of Savoy in 1723, explore an old Christmas tradition in a fascinating variety of ways and present the visitor with an opportunity to discover remarkable forms and surprising allusions in content,” said Agnes Husslein-Arco, Director of the Belvedere.

Sculpture Outdoors

 Parallel to the presentation of Under the Weight of Light in the Sala Terrena, another work by Manfred Erjautz is being shown in the Palace Gardens outside the entrance to the Upper Belvedere. The marble sculpture Gefangen in der Gegenwart (Trapped in the Present) also explores a wintery subject: the snowman. This symbolizes not only a particular season but also memories and the complexities of transience. The snowman is deprived of its ephemeral existence through the creative process, ultimately leading to it becoming trapped in the present.

Xmas Edition 2015

The Belvedere and Manfred Erjautz are proud to present this year’s Xmas Edition Trapped in the Present. This limited edition of porcelain cups and saucers bear the same motif as the sculpture, which was acquired by the Belvedere at the beginning of the year and will be on display in the Palace Gardens until 1 April 2016. Manfred Erjautz has based this Xmas Edition on the snowman he carved from stone, addressing the phenomenon of time and inconspicuous paradoxes.
Manfred Erjautz
Trapped in the Present, 2015
Porcelain, transfer print, 10.5 x 15.5 cm
Edition: 80 + 20 a.p.
69 euro incl. VAT