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Jeff Koons - HULK

04 September 2014 to 05 October 2015
Upper BelvedereBelvedere

The Sala terrena in the Upper Belvedere is joined by another titan: Hulk (Friends) by artist Jeff Koons will be supporting the four atlantes with his steel power. The stainless steel sculptures by US-artist Jeff Koons became popular in the art market not only for obtaining gigantic prices at auctions but also for the playfulness and lightness of these bronze giants, which became indispensable from the current art discourse. Koons’ „blow-up“ figures act as childhood  reminders, creating transcendency despite the rigid material. Their highly polished surfaces give them a sublime charisma, allowing also Hulk (Friends) to be integrated in the Sala terrena. From September, the action figure together with its comic-like friends will join the row of giants, enchanting visitors with its radiating power.