Ever since its inception, the Belvedere has been a house of art. At first, it accommodated the collections of Prince Eugene; from 1781, it was home to large parts of the imperial collection and open to the public. The opening of the Modern Gallery in the Lower Belvedere in 1903 paved the way for today's collection. It currently boasts 18,600 works covering 900 years of art history. Highlights of the collection include works from the Middle Ages, the Austrian Baroque and Viennese Biedermeier, and the period in Vienna from around 1900, complemented by works by Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh with an additional focus on the 20th and 21st century. 

Sammlung des Belvedere, Habsburger Raum
Foto: Sandro Zanzinger, © Belvedere, Wien

Collection online

Selfie mit Kunstwerk
Photo: Clemens Niederhammer, © Belvedere, Vienna

Half of the Belvedere's collection is available online. This online collection is being continually expanded, while at the same time, content is regularly updated and modified to reflect new scientific findings. Aside from the famous highlights, art objects that are rarely or not at all presented in exhibitions can also be viewed online.


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Open Content

Research Center Innenansicht
Foto: Clemens Niederhammer, © Belvedere, Wien

As the first art museum in Austria, the Belvedere is committed to an Open Content Policy for images of art works no longer protected by copyright. These images are made available in print quality and free of charge via the Belvedere Website. The possibility to download high-quality images is intended to increase the collection’s international visibility and to facilitate scholarly publishing.


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