Alpine Garden

The Belvedere park is home to the oldest Alpine garden in Europe and houses the Austrian Federal Gardens’ valuable historical Alpine plant collection. Established in 1803 by the Archdukes Johann, Rainer, and Anton at Schönbrunn Palace park, it was transferred to the gardens of the Belvedere in 1865. Unique attractions are the rhododendron blossoms that start flowering in April and a collection of more than 100 Japanese bonsai. The Alpine Garden is open to the public every year during peak flowering season, from the end of March to the beginning of August.

Eingang des Alpengartens
Foto: Johannes Stoll, © Belvedere, Wien

Opening Hours and Entry


Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday
10 am - 6 pm





€ 4,00

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Children & Teenagers under 19

€ 3,00

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The Alpine Garden remains closed in bad weather.


The Alpine Garden is run by Österreichische Bundesgärten.

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