Palace Gardens

The Baroque gardens of the Belvedere rank among the most beautiful in the world. The main garden is situated between the Lower and the Upper Belvedere and extends over three large terraces. The design, by Dominique Girard, garden architect of the Elector of Bavaria, showcases all the essential elements of Baroque garden architecture: symmetrical flower parterres, water basins, tiers and steps, trimmed hedges, and more. On the south side of the Upper Belvedere, the reflection pond offers a sophisticated visual: the mirroring effect creates a visible duplication of the monumental palace façade.

Belvedere Schlossgarten
Foto: Eva Würdinger, © Belvedere, Wien
Opening Hours and Entry

Opening Hours

Following the government resolution to safeguard against further spread of the coronavirus disease, the garden will remain closed to the public, presumably until April 3, 2020.



Admission free




Dogs and other pets are not allowed.


The Palace Gardens is run by Österreichische Bundesgärten.


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