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Caroline Achaintre. Permanent Wave


At the intersection of abstraction and objectivity, Achaintre works with materials like wool, ceramic and watercolour that enable a spontaneous, intuitive approach. Constants in her seemingly animate oeuvre are the masquerade, the dark, mysterious and uncanny. Both thematically and formally, the artist explores Central European carnival and Mardi Gras customs. Influences from horror and science fiction find their way into her creative work as does her examination of how ethnological collections are presented in museums. Achaintre's work contains art historical references to German Expressionism, to Primitivism, to the Arts& Crafts movement and to Fauvism.

The publication accompanies a site-specific solo show of the Franco-German artist at the Belvedere 21 providing insight into the wide-ranging oeuvre of Achaintre, who uses traditional techniques like tapestry, drawing and ceramic in an unconventional way.

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