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21er Raum: Salvatore Viviano

I never liked being in bed alone

04 February 2015 to 06 April 2015
Belvedere 21Belvedere
Salvatore Viviano is always good for a surprise. His surprises are mostly performances, pictorial and sculptural objects, photographs and installations – or a mixture of all of it. For the opening of his show I never liked being in bed alone as part of Sleepless @ 21er Raum, a mixed media staging can be expected with anticipation
Salvatore Viviano was born in Palermo in 1980 and lives and works in Vienna since 2008. Amongst others, he did performances and shows at Ve.Sch (Vienna, 2009), Pro Choice (Vienna, 2010), L’Ocean Licker (Vienna, 2011), 68 m2 (Copenhagen, 2011), Global Talks (Stockholm, 2012), Glockengasse 9 (Vienna, 2012), 21er Haus (2013), Albertina (2013), Limbo (Copenhagen, 2014) and Mauve (Vienna, 2014). Since May 2014, he is running the One Work Gallery at Vienna’s Getreidemarkt.