Belvedere Cercle

The Belvedere Cercle is a select group of interested individuals who not only support the Belvedere financially but also contribute in non-material terms and through their personal engagement. Activities focus on the networking of society, science, art, and business and the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience. As a Cercle Member you will benefit from many special offers and perks. Has this sparked your interest? Then do contact us!

Viele Menschen im Saal des Belvedere
Photo: Sandro Zanzinger / Belvedere, Vienna

Cercle Membership

Cercle Members distinguish themselves by their close commitment to the Belvedere.  They are members of an exclusive club who enjoy special annual privileges.

Schausammlung, Klimt Raum
Foto: Sandro Zanzinger, © Belvedere, Wien
  • Free admission to all exhibitions and collections at the Belvedere for you and your companion for 365 days

  • Express entry with no waiting in line

  • Invitations to the opening of all exhibitions


  • 10 % discount in the Belvedere Shops

  • 10 % discount in the Belvedere Shops

  • € 1 discount on Audio Guides

  • Pre- and Private Views

  • Studio Visits

  • Art trips and tours

  • Rights to acquire limited edition artworks

  • Free premium membership of the Grand Ètage at the Grand Ferdinand 


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Tina Blau, Frühling im Prater, 1882 © Belvedere, Wien


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