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21er Raum: Susanne Kriemann


02 October 2013 to 10 November 2013
Belvedere 21Belvedere
In her work, Susanne Kriemann combines socio-historical research and reflection on the medium of photography. During her stay as an Artist in Residence at the 21er Haus, she developed the exhibition RAY, which is not merely about rays of light. It is also about rare earths and their radiation. And it looks at how rare earth elements were turned into light and, shortly afterwards, became obsolete, just to light up rooms again almost 100 years later.
Susanne Kriemann is currently Artist in Residence at the 21er Haus. She was born in Erlangen in 1972 and lives in Berlin and Rotterdam. Her works were recently included in exhibitions at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (2013), at Arnolfini, Bristol (2013), at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2012), at Kunstverein Braunschweig (2012), at the Kunsthalle Winterthur (2011), at CAG Vancouver (2010), at KIOSK Ghent (2010), at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (2009) and at the Berlin Biennale (2008).