Executive Board


Stella Rollig

General Director


Wolfgang Bergmann

Chief Financial Officer

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Luisa Ziaja

Director of Curatorial Department
Chief Curator

Anna Ewa Dyrko

Office of the Chief Curator
Assistant Curator

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Björn Blauensteiner

Curator - Collection Middle Ages & Renaissance

Franz Smola

Curator - Collection 19th & 20th Century

Christiane Erharter

Curator - Community Outreach

Markus Fellinger

Curator - Collection 19th & 20th Century


Sabine Grabner

Curator - Collection 19th Century

Sergey Harutoonian

Curator - Contemporary Art

Gabriele Stöger-Spevak

Curator - Bequest of Fritz Wotruba

Alexander Klee

Curator - Collection 19th & 20th Century


Axel Köhne

Curator - Collection 20th Century

Georg Lechner

Curator - Collection Baroque

Claudia Slanar 

Curator - Blickle Kino & Video Archive

Marjana Theresa Uhde

Catalogue Raisonné Georg Eisler


Stephanie Auer

Assistant Curator - Collection 19th & 20th Century

Arnika Groenewald-Schmidt

Assistant Curator - Collection 19th and 20th Century

Miroslav Halak

Assistant Curator - Collection 19th & 20th Century

Katharina Lovecky

Assistant Curator - Collection 19th & 20th Century


Ana Petrovic

Assistant Curator - Collection 20th Century

Andrea Kopranovic

Assistant Curator - Contemporary Art

Vasilena Stoyanova

Assistant Curator - Contemporary Art


Research Center



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Christian Huemer

Director Research Center

Monika Mayer

Head of Archive & Provenance Research

Katinka Gratzer-Baumgärtner

Archive & Provenance Research

Stefan Lehner


Carmen Müller

Reproductions & Image Archive


Katharina Wallerits

Blickle Video Archive
, Reproductions & Image Archive

Bettina Bosin

Archive & Library

Delphine Burghgraeve


Nicole Gyürü



Ralph Knickmeier

Head Digital Annotation

Werner Urdl

Collection Online & Image Archive

Sophie Rosenberger

Collection Online



Johanna Aufreiter

Scientific Project Coordination

Anna-Marie Kroupova

Research Associate

Maximilian Kaiser

Administration Collection Database (TMS)


Art Mediation



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Michaela Höß

Head of Art Mediation

Naima Wieltschnig

Program & Transmedia Art Mediation

Christina Haschke

Booking Management & Team Coordination

Julia Haimburger

Inclusive Art Mediation

Kerstin Krenn

Transmedia Art Mediation


Valerie Weber

Program Editor

Markus Haller

Families & Schools

Katalin Várdai

Transmedia Art Mediation

Philipp Reichel-Neuwirth

Program & Outreach

Communications and Marketing



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Katharina Steinbrecher

Director of Communications & Marketing

Markus Wiesenhofer

Deputy Director of Communications & Marketing

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Sonja Kosiba

Media Relations

Irene Jäger

Media Relations

Désirée Schellerer-Kos

Media Relations



Constanze Mitterhuemer

Head of Digital Communication

Karin Priker

Digital Communication

Lisa Janka

Digital Communication

Oliver Khafagi

Digital Communication


Paul Mayer

Head of Graphic Design

Simone Reichhart

Graphic Design

Magdalena Schuster

Production of Advertising Material

Equal Treatment Officer



Patrick Breynck

Head of Collaborations

Jutta Thuswaldner

Dialogue Marketing

Kristina Klein

Dialogue Marketing

Christina Marie Zöch

Sponsoring, Fundraising & Cercle


Natascha Bergmann

Head of Events & Venue Hire

Daniel Wallner

Events & Venue Hire

Angelika Czerny

Tourismus & Sales

Sarah Alexandra Matysek, BA

Assistent Communications & Marketing

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