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The Belvedere 21 is one of Austria’s most important buildings of the post-war era. The Pavillion received a prize at the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels. Subsequently transferred to Vienna, it was reopened as a museum of the twentieth century in 1962. In the immediate vicinity of the Belvedere and at the center of a burgeoning new neighborhood, the Belvedere 21 continues to follow its guiding principle as a connecting bridge, both structurally and symbolically. This tour offers a concise overview of the museum’s architecture and history.




* This price is a lump sum for a sixty-minute guided tour for groups of max. 20 people during standard opening hours. Should your group comprise more than 20 people, we will arrange additional guided tours at the applicable rate. Excl. entrance tickets.
For exclusive evening tours outside of opening hours, please contact our event department via

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Photo: Lukas Schaller / Belvedere, Wien
Photo: Lukas Schaller / Belvedere, Vienna
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€ 95,00
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€ 9,30
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€ 6,90
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€ 6,90
Belvedere 21 | B21

Arsenalstraße 1, 1030 Vienna

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