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Prince Eugene and the Belvedere

Prince Eugene of Savoy

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Prince Eugene’s arrival in Vienna in 1683 marked the beginning of a stellar military career. He became the leading general and the wealthiest man in Europe. What scandals, affairs, and intrigues accompanied Prince Eugene’s journey from refugee to multimillionaire? Why were his Belvedere palaces, in particular, seen as epitomes of elegance and good taste? On this tour you will trace the astonishing biography of Prince Eugene. You will be immersed in the life and culture of his times and find out more about the adornment of this Baroque jewel, which later also served as a sumptuous stage for lavish celebrations and milestones of Austrian history.

* This price is a lump sum for a sixty-minute guided tour for groups of max. twenty-five people during standard opening hours. The costs for guided tours are: regular €90.00, Fridays after 5.30 p.m. €110.00. Should your group comprise more than twenty-five people, we will arrange additional guided tours at the same time at the applicable rate.

For exclusive evening tours outside of opening hours, please contact our event department via

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Lower Belvedere | UB

Lower Belvedere
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