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Gold is more than a metal. Gold is history, art, religion—and gold is love. Gold’s enigmatic qualities and its unique value have always captured people’s imaginations. Starting with Gustav Klimt’s Kiss we peer over the artist’s shoulder and find out how the masterpieces from his Golden Period were created. This is followed by working with this iconic metal in the studio and embellishing a unique souvenir with delicate gold leaf. A hands-on workshop for all those who like to try something new and wish to combine looking at art with their own creativity.

* Workshop flat rate (2 hours, incl. Ticket) € 450,–
The price is for a group of ten (including ticket, guided tour, workshop and materials). 




Protection measures
Since our activities depend on interacting with our audience, we have undertaken the following safety measures in accordance with current official regulations:

  • Guided tours are conducted in small groups.
  • During the guided tours, we ask you to avoid gathering in confined spaces and small exhibition rooms.
  • Our art educators wear face visors instead of masks and work with properly disinfected Silent Systems. 

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Silent Systems 
For reasons of hygiene, we ask you to use personal headphones (standard 3.5 mm connection). As an alternative, disposable headphones are provided free of charge.

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We also ask you to observe the visitor regulations during the entire tour.

Foto: Ouriel Morgensztern / Belvedere, Wien
Tickets for the event *
Flat rate
€ 450,00
Upper Belvedere | OB

Upper Belvedere
Prinz Eugen-Straße 27
1030 Vienna