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21er Raum: Zin Taylor

Foto Studio Zig-Zag

04 December 2014 to 11 January 2015
Belvedere 21Belvedere
Spanning sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, video and sound, Zin Taylor’s work revisits the process, construction and inscription of form through specific cultural histories. In the words of curator Dieter Roelstraete, his works signal a definite shift toward a fundamental interrogation of sculpture’s basic language, if not of the very assumptions that underlie the enterprise of sculpture and art as such. How do forms come about? Do materials have a will of their own, content to speak through Zin Taylor’s hands as long as he’s able to give voice to matter’s inner thought?
Zin Taylor (Calgary, Canada 1978) is an artist based in Brussels. Thoughts about a subject, turned into forms about a subject is a way to describe his approach to—and use of—environments as material for sculpture and thinking. Taylor has presented solo exhibitions throughout Europe and North America. Writing by Zin Taylor, and his artist books, have been published by Sternberg Press (Berlin), Bywater Bros. Editions (Port Colborne), Mousse Publishing (Milan), Karma (New York), and Artforum (New York).