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The Belvedere. Companion Guide


Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss" is world-famous, the era "Vienna around 1900" legendary, the Biedermeier collection a jewel: "The Belvedere Companion Guide" offers a comprehensive overview of eight centuries of Austrian art. More than one hundred works of the permanent collection - from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century - are vividly described and illlustrated in this book. Introductions to each period of art provide in-depth information and are complemented by elaborated biographies of the collection's most famous protagonists of each era. From Biedermeier represented by the illustrious Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, over Franz Xaver Messerschmidt, the Baroque sculptor of the "Character Heads", to Egon Schiele, whose portraits have lost none of their original intensity.

€ 14,90
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