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Salzburg Museum


In 2019, the Belvedere will be a guest of the Salzburg Museum. In a sweeping panorama of art that takes in both historical context and the artists’ personal lives, the exhibition will transport the visitor back to the early twentieth century. It traces the paths of the painters Anton Faistauer, Egon Schiele, Felix Albrecht Harta, and their artist colleagues and friends. A significant proportion of the works on display are from the Belvedere in Vienna. 

The show has been organized by the Salzburg Museum as part of the 2019 series “Illustrious Guests” and continues its collaboration with other important European museums. 

Curator: Dr. Eva Jandl-Jörg

Advisor at the Belvedere: Mag. Kerstin Jesse

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Faistauer and Schiele became acquainted at the Vienna Academy in 1906 and met the painter F. A. Harta three years later, in the year when Schiele founded the Neukunstgruppe. Faistauer and Harta were among its members, as were Anton Peschka, Franz Wiegele, and Robin Christian Andersen, to name just a few. Their exhibitions, travels, and mutual friends gave rise to a network of contacts that played an important role in each of their developments. All three artists shared a great theoretical interest in art and a close involvement in artist collectives. While Egon Schiele founded the Neukunstgruppe, Harta established the group Wassermann and Faistauer initiated the Sonderbund in Salzburg. It was a time in which art and culture were an integral part of society and Faistauer, Schiele, and Harta represented epicentres of the Austrian art scene during their day.

This exhibition brings together diverse artists from the collections of the Belvedere and the Salzburg Museum. The paintings and graphic works will be organized into five chapters focusing on the themes of travel, personal life, nature, and friends with another room dedicated to the founders and several members of the group Wassermann, which would be celebrating its one-hundred-year anniversary in 2019. 

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