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The Belvedere is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vienna. We want to make sure that all our visitors get the most out of their visit while enjoying the arts.  Our partnership with the tourism industry is therefore greatly appreciated. To guarantee a pleasurable visit for all, we have summarized the most important information for our tourism partners and group tours here. We look forward to welcoming your guests!

Photo: Sandro Zanzinger / Belvedere, Vienna

Good to know!


  • Group sizes up to a maximum of 16 people plus guide are permitted until further notice.
    External persons must observe the legal regulations for gatherings, in particular in accordance with the COVID-19 opening regulation (COVID-19-Öffnungsverordnung) the person in charge of the gathering is responsible for the proof of the participants’ entry testing or that the participants have recovered or are vaccinated against COVID-19 as well as the collection of the participants’ contact data and the duty to report, if necessary.
  • Please note our current opening hours as well as visitor regulations.
  • If you have any questions, please contact our booking team by e-mail or telephone.


Booking for tour groups

Upper Belvedere outside
Photo: Lukas Schaller / Belvedere, Vienna

Each year the Belvedere with its three locations (Upper Belvedere, Lower Belvedere, and Belvedere 21) welcomes more than 1.5 million guests. For the Upper Belvedere, group reservations (min. 10 persons) with a complimentary booking and a fixed time slot are mandatory. Click on our online reservation form and send us your group request. To ensure that you and your guests receive prompt and straightforward assistance with bookings and inquiries, the reservation team is available by telephone or e-mail daily during regular opening hours. To learn about relevant information for your visit such as currently permitted group sizes or protective measures please have a look at our infobox.





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Getting there

Tour Buses

Take advantage of our tour bus stops to facilitate arrivals and departures. Your passengers can conveniently disembark and board at these stops – including now in front of the Lower Belvedere.

Please make sure to observe general traffic rules and the traffic signs posted by the Vienna City Council. Alighting and boarding areas cannot be used for parking coaches.  Public mobility must not be obstructed.

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Voucher Agreement

Photo: Lukas Schaller / Belvedere, Vienna

The Belvedere offers a voucher agreement to tourism partners. You can issue vouchers to your customers, which are then accepted by the Belvedere as tickets. The billing is handled monthly directly through the partner companies, saving customers the trouble of paying on site. The agreement contains commissioned prices fort he Belvedere and is not tied to a minimum turnover. Furthermore group rates will only be awarded to our contractual partners. Each summer, partners are informed about new developments for the upcoming season. If you are interested, please contact us!


Request voucher agreement

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Tourist Guides

Sammlung des Belvedere, Habsburger Raum
Foto: Sandro Zanzinger, © Belvedere, Wien

As of 1 August 2020, a new agreement pertains for tourist guides visiting the Belvedere. Our aim is to increase cooperation and communication with you as a critical multiplier. In the future, group rates will only be awarded to our contractual partners. Benefit by becoming a Belvedere contract partner. We look forward to your registration.
Please contact us at to request the agreement.

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Membership Card for Tourist Guides



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Our new tourism video features a unique peek into the magnificent buildings and extensive grounds of the Belvedere. Explore the wide range of options our Baroque venues have to offer – from events, art experiences, and workshops to private celebrations. Surround yourself with the incomparable!  Let these cinematic impressions win over your customers, business partners, and guests as to the myriad possibilities offered by the Belvedere Palaces in the heart of Vienna.


Download Videos


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Trade Shows and Workshops

We will gladly provide you with information about these and other Belvedere offerings at the following virtual workshops and trade shows:


ETOA City Fair 8 June 2021

ÖW Chengdu 7 September 2021

ÖW Guangzhou 8 September 2021

ÖW Shanghai 9 September 2021

ÖW Beijing 10 September 2021

ÖW Taipeh 13 September 2021

ÖW Seoul 14 September 2021

ÖW Tokyo 15 September 2021
ÖW India 29 September 2021

WKÖ Discover Austria Southeast Asia 27 to 29 October 2021

ETOA GEM 29 October 2021

ÖW Sydney 9 November 2021

WKÖ Discover Austria Toronto 10 November 2021

ÖW Melbourne 11 November 2021


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