In this section, you will find press material on current, upcoming, and past exhibitions as well as news relating to events, activities, and research projects organized by the museum. Information and ready-to-print images of our locations and management team are available at Corporate PR, and permits and accreditation at Press Service.

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Belvedere Schlossgarten
Belvedere Schlossgarten
Foto: Eva Würdinger, © Belvedere, Wien

Press Service



Journalists visiting the Belvedere for professional purposes are entitled to free access to its exhibitions and locations. Please note that all media access requires prior accreditation from the Press Office.



Photographing and Filming at the Museum

If applicable, journalists must request a photo/film permit for the museum premises. 




Photographing and Filming in the Gardens

For photo and film permits regarding the outdoor facilities and gardens of the Belvedere, please contact the Bundesgärten and the Austrian Burghauptmannschaft.



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Drawing of Prince Eugene on a horse on yellow background

The Belvedere

300 Years a Venue for Art
Ausstellungsansicht Gerwald Rockenschaub

Gerwald Rockenschaub

circuit cruise / feasible memory/regulator
Ausstellungsansicht "Stanislava Kovalcikova. Grotto"

Stanislava Kovalcikova

Jakob Lena Knebl_Joan_2019

Avant-Garde and the Contemporary

The Belvedere Collection from Lassnig to Knebl

Various Press Releases

Außenansicht des Oberen Belvedere

300 Years of Belvedere

Belvedere Art Award


Robert Gabris wins the Belvedere Art Award 2022

Corporate PR

Upper Belvedere outside

The Belvedere

Information and images
Belvedere 21 outside

Belvedere 21. Museum of Contemporary Art

Information and Press Images
Corporate Sound Belvedere

Corporate Sound Belvedere

Kovacs/Mayr Develop Sound Identity for the Belvedere and Belvedere 21
Stella Rollig, Generaldirektorin und Wissenschaftliche Geschäftsführerin Belvedere

Stella Rollig, Belvedere General Director

press images
Wolfgang Bergmann, Wirtschaftlicher Geschäftsführer Belvedere

Wolfgang Bergmann, Belvedere Chief Financial Officer

Press images
Oil on canvas  180 x 180 cm

The Klimt-Collection of the Belvedere

Press Team




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