On the New

Viennese Scenes and Beyond – Part 1

What is going on in local art scenes, studios, and alternative exhibition spaces? And how can one exhibition capture the diversity of the production and presentation of art?

Belvedere 21 already explored these questions with the 2019 show On the New. Young Scenes in Vienna, developing a dynamic, collaborative format that involved multiple contributors and a shared curatorial authorship. In addition to presenting eighteen individual artistic positions, twelve Viennese project spaces hosted rotating exhibitions within the show, each kicked off with a ‘midissage’ (midway opening) complemented by discursive events and performances.

In 2023, On the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond picks up this thread and expands on the original concept. In order to provide a broader view of contemporary approaches, strategies, and discourses, the survey now also includes artists and project spaces from other parts of Austria. In an expanded dynamic, the show presents around fourty-five artists and twenty-four exhibitions within the exhibition—curated by individual project spaces—and thus offers fresh perspectives on what art can be today, on its themes, aesthetics, and forms of expression, and how it is perceived.

This polyphonic tracing of the "new"–despite the ambivalence this term and its function imply especially in contemporary art–presents no grand overview, but rather an image of a growing entity without beginning or end, in perpetual flux.

Curatorial team: Christiane Erharter, Andrea Kopranovic, Ana Petrović, Claudia Slanar, Luisa Ziaja
Exhibition graphics: Beton
Exhibition architecture: AKT

With works by: Francesca Aldegani, Ana de Almeida, Minda Andrén, Olivia Coeln, Gabriele Edlbauer + Julia S. Goodman, Julia Haugeneder, Flora Hauser, Hannahlisa Kunyik, Guilherme Maggessi und Rafał Morusiewicz, Lydia Nsiah, Evelyn Plaschg, Heti Prack, Anna Spanlang, Hui Ye, Julia Zastava

Exhibitions within the exhibition curated by: Edition:, hinterland, Kunstverein Gartenhaus, Memphis, philomena+, prolet.AIR, Queer Museum Vienna, school

In cooperation with


7 April bis 21. May

Memphis, Linz

Vana Kostayola mit den Performer*innen Jaskaran Anand, Simona Ferrar, Thomas Frank, Christoph Rothenbuchner, Pascal Thimothée, Pauline Huguet



school, Vienna

Wally Salner, Hannah Black, Firas Shehadeh, Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński, Friedl vom Gröller, Anahita Asadifar, Jumana Manna, Soraya Lutangu Bonaventure & Kingdom Gospel Club, Pille-Riin Jaik, Raed Yassin, Yasmina Haddad, Phillip Sollmann, Scott Mou, Pope Sangreta, Roozbeh Gholami



philomena+, Vienna

Oscar Cueto, Alina d'Alva Duchrow, Sarri Elfaitouri, Malek Gnaoui und Markus Hiesleitner, Margareta Klose, Vanja Krajnc, Verena Miedl-Faißt, Vitória Monteiro, Bárbara Palomino, Manuela Picallo Gil, Christoph Srb, Bochra Taboubi, Huda Takriti, Kosta Tonev, Patrick Timm





11 May, 7:30 pm to 9 pm

Kosta Tonev, Dolls, 2020, 15 min., Blickle Kino
Bassem Yousri, Speed Date, 2021, 53 min., Blickle Kino

With an introduction by Kosta Tonev and Christine Bruckbauer.


14 May, 2 pm to 6 pm

Margareta Klose, dialogs on donuts, exhibition room


14 to 21 May

Patrick Timm, Poststelle, exhibition room


Kunstverein Gartenhaus, Wien



Film program at the Blickle Kino: Beyond Binary


27 April, 6:30 pm

Emilija Skarnulyte,  Aphotic Zone, 2022, 16 min.
Emilija Skarnulyte,  Sirenomelia, 2018, 11 min.
Emilija Skarnulyte,  Burial, 2022, 60 min.


13 May, 3:30 pm

Sophia Al Maria, Beast Type Song, 2019, 38 min.
Sophia Al Maria, Tiger Strike Red, 2022, 23 min.


14 May, 3:30 pm

P Staff, Hevn, 2021, 5 min.
P Staff, The Prince of Homburg, 2019, 23 min.
P Staff, On Venus, 2019, 13 min.
Shen Xin, Provocation of the Nightingale #1, 2017, 23 min.
Shen Xin, Brine Lake (A New Body), #1, #4, 2020, 20 min.


All film programs accompanied by a talk with the respective artists.

27 May to 2 July

Edition:, Linz

Petra Anne Bernard, Pieter Chanterie, Elitsa and the Fir Tree, Tina Grassegger,  Rainer Grilberger, Katharina Höglinger, Karim Hussein, Johannes Lakinger, Elisa Lerchbaum, Edgar Lessing, Melanie Ludwig, Leo Lunger, Hannah und Lea Neckel, Sarah Oos, Georg Pinteritsch, Felix Pöchhacker, Ophelia Reuter, Elias Takacs, Lisa Wieder, Eva Zangerle



hinterland, Vienna

Parastou Forouhar




Masha Godovannaya, Sohoon Lee, Marija Šabanović, Ciwan Veysel



prolet.AIR, Vienna

Lea Abendstein, Hannah Cooke, Laura Ettel, Lucy Ivanova, Marina Talutto, Ania Zorh





11 June, 11:30 am to 1 pm

Glimpses from an unknown future

Iris Blauensteiner and Christine Moderbacher, Die Welt ist an ihren Rändern blau, AT, 2021, 15 min.
Michaela Taschek, Doppelgänger, AT/DE, 2018, 20 min.
Rosa Friedrich, Topfpalmen, AT, 2020, 20 min.

Followed by a Q&A with the artists and a reading from Kopfzecke (2016) by Iris Blauensteiner.


13 June, 3 pm to 6 pm


Workshop for kids and adults with afterparty.

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