Josef Ignaz Mildorfer. Rebel of the Baroque


To celebrate the 300th birthday of Josef Ignaz Mildorfer (1719–1775), the Belvedere is honouring the Baroque painter with an exhibition as part of its IN-SIGHT series, to take place in the autumn of 2019. In this tercentenary year, the Tyrolean native will be accorded his first monographic show.The exhibition focuses on three key aspects of his artistic work: his rare battle scenes, his role as a professor of painting at the Vienna Academy of Arts, and his commissions from the clergy, aristocracy, and the bourgeoisie.

Curated by Maike Hohn.



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In his early years, Mildorfer tested himself with a small number of works in the genre of battle painting, reacting to contemporary events of the then raging War of the Austrian Succession.
Mildorfer’s involvement with the Vienna Academy of Arts ranged from his distinction as an award winner of competitions held there in 1741/42 to his function as a professor of painting. In the mid-eighteenth century he was offered the post three consecutive times by election. Throughout his many years of teaching, Mildorfer contributed significantly to the development of the expressive Viennese academy style. Works by artists from this movement – such as Franz Anton Maulbertsch (1724–1796) – form the core of the Belvedere’s Baroque collection.
By the end of the 1740s, the imperial couple Maria Theresia (1717–1780) and Franz I Stephan (1708–1765) were among Mildorfer’s most prominent clients, and to this day his frescoes in the Menagerie Pavilion at Schönbrunn and the Kapuzinergruft (Imperial Crypt) remain well preserved. The exhibition presents many additional select commissions of the painter’s from in and around Vienna.

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Exhibition view Josef Ignaz Mildorfer. Rebel of the Baroque
Photo: Johannes Stoll © Belvedere, Vienna

IN-SIGHT is a series of temporary exhibitions held three times a year at the Upper Belvedere to highlight specific aspects of the museum’s collection. The public is presented with works of art in the context of new scholarly research.

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