Lois Weinberger


Lois Weinberger (b. 1947 in Stams, Tyrol) was an early and visionary critic of the upheavals of the Anthropocene and is considered a pioneer of a distinct, artistic ecology. From the 1990s onwards, he played a significant role in shaping the discourse surrounding the relationship between nature and culture. Between ironic shamanism and conceptual but poetic rigor, his works show the limits of human agency and make our superiority over the environment perceptible as an illusion. Weinberger's works challenge our ethical standards with the juxtaposition of the seemingly marginal, useless, and worthless. In doing so, they express with relish an all-encompassing, inescapable cycle of becoming and decaying. Before his death in April 2020, Weinberger designed his show Basics for the interior and exterior of the Belvedere 21. The works from the last few decades will be on view in Vienna for the first time.

Curated by Severin Dünser.


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Lois Weinberger (1947–2020), the author behind this sprawling rhizome, set forth from a farmstead in Tyrol to become an ornamental blacksmith and metalworker, an actor, and, finally, a visual artist. Socialized in a time of cultural upheavals—the protests of ’68 were making headlines—he took inspiration from Minimal and Land Art, the Wiener Gruppe, Surrealism, and the Junge Wilde to forge the singular path of his own conceptual art. Lois Weinberger was one who became—he also became a “Green Man,” adroitly embodying both becoming and transience in their inevitability.

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