Exclusive Collector's Item and a Digital Declaration of Love

Unleash the Power of Love with a Timeless Masterpiece by Gustav Klimt

Capture the beauty of the Belvedere's art collection with your own unique and exclusive The Kiss NFT. The Belvedere has always pushed boundaries, and this NFT release is no exception, offering you a one-of-a-kind official digital collectible that will be cherished for generations to come.

The Kiss as NFT by arteQ and Belvedere, Vienna.

Own a digital piece of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss as a unique NFT!

The most celebrated depiction of a pair of lovers is now available in a limited edition of digital cutouts at www.thekiss.art.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt – an icon of romantic love and centerpiece of the Belvedere's collection – has been turned into a highly successful NFT project in collaboration with artèQ. Ten thousand fragments of a high-resolution digital copy of the most famous depiction of a couple in love have been released as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short.


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Dedicate your NFT to a loved one

happy Valentine, my endless love! Egal was die Zukunft noch bringt, will ich sie mit Dir verbringen, ich liebe dich!"

– My Endless Love Roman Landsteiner

To my true golden love, here is my golden Kiss!"


Para un amor eterno como el del cuadro de Klimt, que sea eterno en la tierra e infinito en el Metaverso"

– M.J.Navarro C.Berja Carlos Berja Perez

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It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."

– Verena Macho

Meiner Geliebten Ussi, deren Küsse mich so glücklich machen, zum Geburtstag gewidmet."

– Ulf Lukan

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1 Kiss to say I Love You"

– Mr Claudio Macchi

You had me at our first kiss..."

– Verena Macho

Love of my life....we stay tuned...by all possible means"

– Gerhard Werlberger

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Freitag is Reveal Day!


NFTs are available for purchase on www.thekiss.art. The individual NFT is imprinted with a number and its distinctive coordinates. After purchase, Kiss NFTs are randomly allocated once a week, always on Fridays. 


How to acquire your NFT.

Learn more about adding a dedication.

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How to acquire your NFT:

  • Connect to your Wallet
    (if you don't have one yet, just install it for free  – here’s how)
  • Make your payment and purchase
    (by credit card, EPS bank transfer, Paypal, or Ethereum).
  • Stand by for the "minting" phase; issued every Friday.
  • Dedicate your NFT to a loved one.

Express your love and dedicate you Kiss!

By owning a Kiss NFT, you become part of a community sharing a very special relationship with Gustav Klimt's masterpiece and are a pioneer in the Metaverse. Moreover, the distinctive individual pieces can be given as gifts and personalized with a dedication.




The Kiss NFT News Blog

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The Kiss NFT Pixel Map

On the Pixel Map, you can see the NFTs that have already been sold, together with their dedication, and see which of the 10,000 digital sections are still available.

Pixel Map

Kuss NFT Pixel Landkarte
© arteQ






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