Exclusive Collector's Item and a Digital Declaration of Love


Gustav Klimt‘s The Kiss is an icon of romantic love and the centerpiece of the Belvedere‘s collection. 

To create the Belvedere‘s official NFT edition, a high-resolution digital copy of the famous artwork was made and divided into 10,000 unique tiles, each having its own coordinates corresponding to a specific section of the painting. This makes each tile a one-of-a-kind piece that can be treasured by generations to come.

How to get you NFT

NFTs are available for purchase on the www.thekiss.art platform through multiple payment options such as credit card, PayPal, or Ethereum. Any unsold shares will be randomly assigned. Once you make a purchase, the NFTs become part of the minting process, where they are recorded on the blockchain and then transferred to your personal wallet. Each The Kiss NFT is priced at 1,850 euros, including all taxes. It is important to note that these NFTs are designed as collectors‘ items and not as investment products.



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world of 
The Kiss NFT.



When you purchase an NFT, you gain full ownership rights to use and resell the NFT and its associated digital image file, including the right to use it for commercial purposes. At The Kiss NFT Shop, you will discover a range of exclusive products you can personalize with your NFT. In addition, as an NFT holder, you are entitled to attend exclusive events at the Belvedere and have privileged access to the museum.

Express your love and dedicate your kiss!


You can also give these unique collectibles as gifts and add a personalized message.


"happy Valentine, my endless love! Egal was die Zukunft noch bringt, will ich sie mit Dir verbringen, ich liebe dich!"

– My Endless Love Roman Landsteiner

"To my true golden love, here is my golden Kiss!"

– Mr Jean-Thomas Rouzin

"Para un amor eterno como el del cuadro de Klimt, que sea eterno en la tierra e infinito en el Metaverso"

– M.J.Navarro C.Berja Carlos Berja Perez


"It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."

– Verena Macho

"Meiner Geliebten Ussi, deren Küsse mich so glücklich machen, zum Geburtstag gewidmet."

– Ulf Lukan


"1 Kiss to say I Love You"

– Mr Claudio Macchi

"You had me at our first kiss..."

– Verena Macho

"Love of my life....we stay tuned...by all possible means"

– Gerhard Werlberger

Briefly Explained


Klimt Pixelmap



NFT stands for non-fungible token. A token is a digita-lized asset, for instance, a work of (digital) art or collec-tible. By purchasing an NFT, one acquires a virtual certificate of ownership, which is stored on the block-chain and thus forgery-proof and unique. The buyer thereby secures rights to the digital image and can also resell his acquired share at will. Blockchain technology guarantees that all information relating to previous transactions is recorded and immutable.



An NFT wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the blockchain protocol NFTs are built on.



The term “minting” comes from real-world coin making. Gold and silver are „minted“ into coins for circulation. In the crypto context, minting refers to the process of creating tokens out of digital assets. The tokens are then registered, so to speak, and the digital certificate becomes part of the blockchain. This makes them immutable, counterfeit-proof, and they can be put into circulation after this process. The Ethereum blockchain has no heightened CO2 consumption thanks to the “proof-of-stake“ method.





By purchasing a “The Kiss” NFT you do not obtain (partial) ownership in the actual physical artwork. “The Kiss” NFTs were created purely as collectibles, not as an investment or substitutes for crypto-currency. “The Kiss” NFTs are no financial instruments or grant any profit rights or other monetary claims. Belvedere makes no promise or guarantee that “The Kiss” NFTs will subsequently retain monetary value in fiat, cash, or cryptocurrency.