Exclusive Collector's Item and a Digital Declaration of Love

The Kiss as NFT by arteQ and Belvedere, Vienna.

Own a digital piece of Gustav Klimt's The Kiss as a unique NFT!

The most celebrated depiction of a pair of lovers is now available in a limited edition of digital cutouts at www.thekiss.art.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt – an icon of romantic love and centerpiece of the Belvedere's collection – has been turned into a highly successful NFT project in collaboration with artèQ. Ten thousand fragments of a high-resolution digital copy of the most famous depiction of a couple in love have been released as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs for short.


Buy now!


Friday is Reveal Day!

NFTs are available for purchase on www.thekiss.art  for € 1,850 each (including minting costs and VAT) or 0.65 Ethereum (excluding minting costs, including VAT). The individual NFT is imprinted with a number and its distinctive coordinates. After purchase, Kiss NFTs are randomly allocated once a week, always on Fridays. 



How to acquire your NFT:

  • Connect to your Wallet
    (if you don't have one yet, just install it for free  – here’s how)
  • Make your payment and purchase
    (by credit card, EPS bank transfer, Paypal, or Ethereum).
  • Stand by for the "minting" phase; issued every Friday.
  • Dedicate your NFT to a loved one.

How to acquire your NFT.

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Express your love and dedicate you Kiss!

By owning a Kiss NFT, you become part of a community sharing a very special relationship with Gustav Klimt's masterpiece and are a pioneer in the Metaverse. Moreover, the distinctive individual pieces can be given as gifts and personalized with a dedication.





Learn more about adding a dedication.

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