Permanent Collection

The Belvedere's world-famous collection: Highlights by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller as well as icons of Viennese Modernism by Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Helene Funke await you! Discover gems of Austrian art from the Middle Ages and the Baroque – come face-to-face, for example, with the famous "Character Heads" by F. X. Messerschmidt.

Set amid the Baroque splendor of the Upper Belvedere, the permanent exhibition places Austrian art into context with the work of international artists of the times. Works by key representatives of Viennese Modernism are presented in dialogue with those of Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh, and Auguste Rodin, creating an arc that spans all the way to Friedensreich Hundertwasser. You will also encounter the works of prominent artists in the interwar period in Central Europe, with the likes of László Moholy-Nagy, Marie-Louise von Motesiczky, and František Kupka.


Collection online



Gustav Klimt's Judith can currently not be viewed on site. The painting and other works from the permanent collection are part of an exhibition collaboration between the Belvedere and the Van Gogh Museum titled Klimt. Inspired by van Gogh, Rodin, Matisse.


Augmented Reality

Belvedere, Vienna

Discover Egon Schiele in the permanent collection of the Upper Belvedere – virtually – via mobile phone app: Eight works of the globally renowned Austrian painter have been given an additional digital image layer through Augmented Reality that lets you peek into the secrets behind the works of art. Experience spectacular x-ray, infrared, and macro images that were developed by the Belvedere restoration department. You will now be able to experience these Schiele paintings in a revealing new way: Portrait of the Artist’s Wife, Edith Schiele; Death and Maiden; Façade of a House; Portrait of Dr. Hugo Koller; Embrace; Mother with Two Children III; Portrait of Eduard Kosmack; and City on the Blue River II – with others to come. The works can be identified by symbols on the wall, and the application is explained through signs on site. The augmented reality program is being continuously updated to include additional pictures from the permanent collection.

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Mobile light sculpture by Marina Faust at the Carlone Hall
Exhibition view "CARLONE CONTEMPORARY: Marina Faust"
Photo: Johannes Stoll / Belvedere, Vienna
exhibition room with arched ceiling and moss green walls,vague pictures of people on them
Exhibition view Georg Eisler. Tracing life
Photo: Johannes Stoll / Belvedere, Vienna

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Accompanying the redisplay of the collection, contemporary art will be introduced to the Baroque Carlone Hall in six-monthly shows. These will engage with the mythological pictorial programme and build a bridge between the art of the old masters and the present. The museum thus questions itself and is repositioned as a place of inspiration, reflection, and experience.


Current exhibition


IN-SIGHT is a series of temporary exhibitions held three times a year at the Upper Belvedere to highlight specific aspects of the museum’s collection. The public is presented with works of art in the context of new scholarly research.

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Darstellung der Handyapp Smartify beim Scannen eines Werks in der Ausstellung
Foto: Ouriel Morgensztern / Belvedere, Wien

Explore the exhibition with Smartify

Unleash the stories behind the works with our Smartify app.

Here's how it works:

  • Go to Apple or Android webstores to download the app for free.

  • Open the app and hold your smartphone camera up to the artworks to ‘scan’ them.

  • Download the audio tour directly to your smartphone by using the in-app purchase function.

Have fun!


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Exhibited Artworks

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