Study Collection Middle Ages and Renaissance

Discover the newly designed Study Collection Middle Ages and Renaissance. Located in the Palace Stables, next to the Orangery of the Lower Belvedere, it houses a special gem: the Salzburg Altar by the Late Gothic painter Rueland Frueauf the Elder. The eight panels once adorned a monumental winged altar in Salzburg, most likely in the church of the archbishopric of St. Peter. Other exhibition highlights include panel paintings by Michael Pacher and Urban Görtschacher and sculptures by the Master of Grosslobming.

Since 2007, the Belvedere has displayed medieval collections in the former Palace Stables – the building where Prince Eugene of Savoy once housed his horses. The refurbished Study Collection exhibits treasures from the early fourteenth to the mid-sixteenth century, after the presentation was restructured and extensively adapted.

Curated by Björn Blauensteiner.